Technical expertise with great user experince

Since 2009, Webilize has provided the production of precise, and cost-effective solutions that drive results. Based in Vancouver, BC. Webilize is known for its software engineering capabilities & creating rich user experiences across custom websites, web applications, web portals, mobile applications & eCommerce solutions. Our customers recommend us to others for our technical expertise, transparent account management and for our consistent delivery of robust & complex enterprise-level solutions, automation of business processes, creating operation efficiency and building scalable, well-documented and maintainable solutions.

Our team of agile software engineers, programmers, UX/UI designers, and content writers, makes Webilize an end-to-end one stop delivery shop for secure and scalable development including database driven applications, mobile applications, client-server applications, rich front-end applications, eCommerce applications and Software as a Service (SAAS) applications.

Webilize has extensive expertise in web application development using Microsoft .Net, SQL Server & HTML5 as well as native applications for iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets. Our eCommerce team builds rich custom solutions for our clients ranging from product customization, bulk ordering, integration with 3rd party systems like CRMs, accounting systems, online stores like Amazon, eBay & Google, supply-chain systems and ERP systems.

Our competitive advntage

From executing complex projects to ensuring high solution performance and maintainability, we’re on the fierce pursuit of perfection. The results are concise, scalable tools customized to suit your specific needs.

Our expertise includes:

The project will be completed within a very competitive/ attractive price point to help meet your budgetary requirements. Webilize will provide above and beyond high quality UX Design & Development Services that fits within the approved project budget. We aim to deliver Premium and high end solutions at a fraction of the cost of large Digital/ Development Agencies.

Our Project Management processes ensures that we complete Projects on time and on budget.

We can provide you with flexibility, and have you part of our Team and intimately part of the complete Development process (i.e. invite you to our Development Meetings).

At Webilize we like to begin projects on a clean slate, and start anew with a new custom design that is aligned with the client’s requirements. Sometimes, our clients would like us to start at a starting point similar to work that we have done previously (i.e. re-using some of the coding or design patterns). Also, at times, our clients bring a selection of “admired sites or apps” which we can pull design inspiration from. Regardless, for all of our projects, we always use best practices in UX/UI design and development methodologies (fast and clean coding).

We have all in-house developers located in our Yaletown office in downtown, Vancouver, BC, Canada. By having an all in-house staff, we are able to maintain control of the quality of our work, and instill full collaboration and timely communication.

All of our developers have extensive experience and knowledge in software engineering, and building custom systems, including Client Portals, Databases, and API’s. Our team consists of: UX/UI - Service designers; Agile Developers; Agile Business Analyst; Project Manager; Scrum Master; QA Testers.

At our core, we specialize in Web Development, App Development (iOS & Android), Software Engineering, and Saas, Database, SharePoint Development. We are one stop shop, and also a cost-effective solution for your needs. We can help streamline and improve efficiency, which will ultimately help you save your company a considerable amount of time and money.

Webilize has extensive and proven programming experience and working knowledge in the following areas:

  • Web Development.
  • Native iOS/ Android Apps.
  • Custom Software Development.
  • Interactive Digital Displays.

We have a dedicated Design, Development, and QA team that performs rigorous testing before “going live”.

At Webilize, we build our websites, apps, and software from the ground-up, around the idea that it should not be possible to physically destroy the data. SSL Encryption Certificates are used with all domains that we host.

WebilizeCare™ provides our clients with proactive, timely and efficient technical support, to ensure that our client’s websites, apps, and software are maintained, secure, with minimal to no downtime. We also ensure that your business’s online assets are optimized and fully operational. We provide support in the following areas: Project Management; Downloadable user manual; Phone/ Email/ Conference call support.