How to Optimize Your ECommerce Checkout System

By Michelle Russell
11 Sep '17

Optimizing your checkout system page for your ecommerce website is directly correlated with improving your drop off rate and site analytics. If your potential customers are not pleased with your checkout process, they will likely abandon the sale entirely out of frustration or impatience.


Some questions to ask yourself about your current checkout system are as following:

Where are your customers dropping off?

Does the customer have all the information they need while checking out?

Does the checkout process take too long?

Is the checkout system encrypted and private?

With these questions in mind, customers may abandon their shopping carts mid-sale as a result of any of the following reasons:

They do not trust your site with their credit card information

The shipping and delivery costs are too high

There are too many steps in your checkout system

Your website is slow or keeps crashing

No ecommerce checkout system is perfect. Your goal as a business owner--ecommerce or not--is to make profit. However, if your checkout system is difficult or a burden to your customers you will lose out on sales.

Ways to Optimize Your Checkout System:

Have Real Shipping and Delivery costs up front

    The last thing that customers want is secret or hidden charges and fees in their order total. Include any extra costs and shipping rates in the total throughout every step of the checkout process to prevent customers from abandoning their carts at the last minute.

Do not force the account registration process

    It is acceptable to prompt customers to create an account with your website if they so wish. However, do not make this a mandatory step in your checkout process. Customers that do not want to register with your website may likely abandon their carts at this step.

Prove that your business is secure and trustworthy of a sale. Have a private and encrypted checkout process

    Customers want to know that their personal and credit information stays private. If they are not absolutely positive that your website is secure and trustworthy of this sensitive information, they will abandon the sale.

Have an easy stepped checkout process

    Make your multi-stepped checkout process easy for your customers by having only the relevant and important information on the checkout page for them. Clearly display how many steps they must complete in order to make a purchase, and be sure to also include an updated total cost amount every step of the way.

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