5 Ways Chatbots are Improving eCommerce Websites

By Michelle Russell
30 Jan '18

As eCommerce purchasing continues to gain traction amongst consumers, a greater level of accessibility and customer support is required to maintain customer satisfaction. In response, AI chatbots were created to give customers improved support with online merchants.

Chatbots, although a relatively new technology, allow customers to talk to interactive, human-like software via messaging. Under this ‘conversational commerce’, customers can ask chatbots questions, get personalized recommendations, or even purchase products.

We’ve compiled a list of the top five ways chatbots are improving eCommerce:

1. Gathering customer data and feedback

Chatbots while great for customer service, also excel in their ability to gather more customer data than any other form of analytics. A possible usage for a chatbot on your eCommerce website would be to conduct a short survey on the customer’s user experience so future improvements can be made.

2. Can help boost leads

Chatbots improve customer experience by providing relevant and valued information instantly. We can even go as far as to say that chatbots exceed human interaction in online customer service, thus boosting leads overall. The AI in chatbots can be programmed to be selective depending on the customer’s responses and choices, creating an experience that the customer is more likely to enjoy.     

3. Can create a more personalized engagement

The AI behind chatbots can be programmed to be similar to that of human interaction. This interaction can be customized to your audience and serve as a copy of what a real customer service representative would say.

4. Availability

The majority of eCommerce stores target customers located all across the globe. Customer service representatives around the clock isn’t an option to many businesses due to the cost this service poses. Using chatbots on your eCommerce website can be a reliable replacement that your customers can use at any time.     

5. Reduced costs

Chatbots provide efficient customer assistance instantaneously which leads to the overall reduction of human support for customer service. With companies no longer opting to hire customer service representatives in favour of chatbots, costs are reduced overall.

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