• User-friendly landing page builder
  • Easy-to-add custom templates for Landing Pages
  • Analytics for user activity tracking based on landing pages & order process
  • Secure payment processing function for online orders
  • Email management for custom addresses on each landing page
  • Streamlined with Canada Wide Media‚Äôs existing ERP system

Customized CMS for creating Landing pages and streamlining Marketing promotions

ASP.Net Web Forms SQL Server Windows Server Google Analytics


Canada Wide Media (CWM) is the largest independently owned magazine publishing company in Western Canada, with over six million readers and eleven self-owned magazines, employing more than 130 media professionals. Scott Wheatley, CWM’s Director of Circulation, hoped for a Landing Page Management System that would help several departments internally, and approached Webilize for a solution.

Webilize worked closely with the Subscriptions, Marketing, and IT departments to build a custom Content Management System (CMS) for building landing pages for various magazines at CWM. This system allows CWM's graphic designers to create landing pages quickly, and the marketing department to create new promotions efficiently. A robust database design takes care of customer management, order management, and payment processing while connecting into the ERP system already in use at Canada Wide Media.