• Social Media Integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Scalable custom website
  • iPhone and iPad applications
  • Android phone and tablet application
  • Search large volume of data
  • CRM and ERP System
  • Large Database Design
  • AJAX Pages

Enterprise frontend and backend for a social review application for web, iPhone, and Android.

Windows Server ASP.Net MVC


TasteTank is  a social search engine and  review system for particular food items, which is designed and developed by Webilize Applications Inc. TasteTank allows users to rate and review individual dishes instead of an entire restaurant.It helps viewers to see reviews on dishes, find the most popular items in the restaurant or in town and have access to hundreds of menus while make a dining decision. Taste Tank has a database of 7 Million Items and 100,000 restaurants.

Webilize team built a modern site using ASP.Net MVC 3, HTML5, javacript and jQuery and the SQL server. The team endowed Taste Tank with a robust frontend and backend for use by public, restaurant owners and franchise owners. It has several custom built in features. Mobile and Tablet Applications were designed and built by Webilize to provide a unique user experience on multiple devices like iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones and Tablets. The site facilitates search of large volume of data, social media integration and incorporates CRM and ERP systems. Webilize also implemented an online marketing strategy for Taste Tank with the use of informational and advertising videos and use of an interactive questionnaire to provide a full range of end-to-end application development services.