A Custom .Net Platform for Backend Program Functionality and perfect UX


Travel Masters are one of the top ten travel agencies in Canada and are based in Vancouver. With thirteen years presence in the travel industry, the Travel Masters have built numerous relationships with a wide network of world’s leading airlines, tour operators, cruise lines, hotels and resorts to bring additional benefits to each of their customers. They are a part of the Ensemble Travel group network, and have won multiple awards for growth, sales and service.

Travel Masters contracted Webilize to build their website. The team of software engineers at Webilize accomplished the design and development of its website with great finesse. The site was built on custom .Net platform enabling backend program functionality. The design signifies a perfect User experience and facilitates social media integration. User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) designs are important methods for designing websites which allow site visitors to easily navigate and search items on the website. This ultimately helps to reduce site bounce rates, which is a Google ranking factor. Webilize’s design team meticulously used best practices in UX/UI design as well as SEO.