• Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery
  • Advanced Reporting feature for business intelligence
  • Robust campaign management tools
  • User-friendly client database management
  • Multi-level offer management functions
  • Customizable order processing, catalogue, and order management

A custom real-time application for IDRS boosts employee and client productivity alike.

SQL Server Windows Server ASP.Net MVC


IDRS is a global lettershop and fulfillment house with over twenty-two years of experience in the direct mail landscape, providing complete mailing and direct marketing solutions to a diverse range of companies across industries. Konrad Blonski, Operations Manager at IDRS, had a vision to improve efficiency for IDRS staff and clients alike: to automate several back-office processes in IDRS's daily operations while providing IDRS clients a sophisticated system for managing their campaigns, customers, and business intelligence analytics.

IDRS needed a real-time application to allow employees to manage their clients in an efficient way. At the same time their clients needed to have access to this system in real-time to oversee their customers, offers, and orders. The customer-centric nature of the direct marketing industry meant they could not just use an off-the-shelf software for processing orders.

Webilize built an enterprise level web-based service application named CM360 for IDRS to provide to its customers. The application was built in both ASP.NET MVC and Silverlight to provide a rich user experience.

The key features of the application include user access rules, reuse of customer offers, advanced reporting, comprehensive customer history tracking, and robust, user-friendly management of campaigns, parts, and offers. The application hosts an expansive database and is built for large volumes of data processing through the system.