• Secure web-based dashboard for convenient user access from any location
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • A range of easy-to-use custom templates
  • Offline editing capabilities
  • Customer-facing screens integrate with social media buttons
  • Structural design based on Android and Windows 8
  • Real-time and historical views of user activity analytics
  • Custom editing with multiple templates for individual screens across any Kross Channel network
  • Long-lasting battery life on Kross Channel hardware

A look to the future with the development and launch of interactive display solution, Kross Channel.

SQL Server Windows Server ASP.Net MVC Android Ajax


Kross Channel is a company that builds interactive display software solutions, designed to provide businesses and individuals with touchscreen tools for marketing, communicating, and operating on a day-to-day basis. The requirements for Kross Channel's official launch were twofold: spearhead an attractive marketing campaign with a dynamic new website, and implement the software solution itself with a robust, user-friendly content management system. Within this component the Webilize team wanted to ensure that the Kross Channel display solution would adapt to fit across platforms, and would be scalable for long-term customer growth.

Kross Channel is an emerging technology, so the Webilize team performed ongoing research, development, and testing in order to ensure optimal quality, usability, and reliability in the client-operated product. Their extensive trials allowed them to produce a solution with dynamic UI/UX, letting users customize templates, add or edit content on the fly, and enjoy the scalable convenience of a Cloud-based product. Coupled with the attractive, intuitive Kross Channel  flagship website, the product is rated highly by customers. With Webilize’s help, Kross Channel successfully addresses the demands of the ever-evolving digital landscape with a scalable, user-manageable interactive solution.