• Rich User Interface and design
  • jQuery mobile customizations and styling
  • Custom javascript for user interactivity
  • Rich frontend features like tabs, custom popups, slide-out menus, etc.
  • Effective switch between mobile and desktop versions
  • Optimized for several devices and browsers

Bringing social experience for smartphones and tablets through a mobile site.

SQL Server RoR HTML5 CSS3 jQuery Amazon Web Services


KidzWorld is a leading social network for children and teenagers 6-17 years old in North America. With an increasing number of users switching to mobile devices to access their website, KidzWorld needed a mobile site immediately. Allen Achilles, CEO at KidzWorld, chose Webilize to design and implement the User Design and User Experience for their mobile site.

Working closely with the stakeholders at KidzWorld, we came up with a prominent design and efficient User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), creating a rich mobile experience that encompassed KidszWorld’s new look and feel. jQuery mobile was used as the base library for mobile requirements and custom javascript was used to achieve greater user experience. Having a solid user experience that caters to the target persona of its intended users enables better user adoption. Thus, it was important for the Webilize team to use best practices in UX/UI to ensure the success of KidzWorld.