Webilize and DRUPAL


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Webilize postulates on the robust efficacy of Drupal in creating solutions for Content Management needs of its clients. Drupal is one of the largest hosting open source podium for websites across the world; ranging from blogs to organizations across sectors of education, service, media, culture, politics and government.

The standard Drupal Core has features built in for an extensive range of basic functionalities. It is characterised by unique flexibility and renders possible unimaginable scope for design and development of customized function modules without hampering the Core codes, and thereby offering perfect security. Drupal is enriched by community contributed modules; plugin extensibility and modular designing. It adopts WAI-ARIA for Rich Internet Application which helps enriching both the visitor and the administrator experience on the websites.

Our experts at Webilize handle design and development of customized modules on the Drupal server by using the version 7 supported by PHP and using the database engines MySQL and SQLite. They work on PAC architecture and generate standard theme formats using PHPTemplate and XTemplate engines, that correspond to the native themes. They work on the GNU library of ‘gettext’ for accessing the multiple language function of Drupal and support the dissemination of content across the languages of the globe.

This means that Webilize extends exclusive and well informed support for content management to its clientele through exquisite design of user interface; synthesizing the core modules of Drupal with their innovative contributions, and creating themes and functions that guarantee best user experience on your customized websites.