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C Level Executives

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Directors & Department Heads

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Results-focused expert web development in Vancouver

Webilize is a results-oriented, forward-thinking expert web development company based in Vancouver. We work with clients on large-scale web and mobile developments with international influence. We have created custom e-commerce sites and an android app store, websites in multiple languages, worked with data management for public sector projects and built technology for android-wearables & augmented reality.

Clients love our collaborative approach to website design. Each project must align with expectations and requirements. Communication is an important part of our process and part of the reason we maintain long-term client relationships.
Global offices connected by our Content Management System
We created a multi-lingual corporate website with a focus on industry insights and expert input. The site is now more user-friendly and the relevant information more accessible.
Annual revenue processed through the e-Commerce store
Vuzix is a long-term client with demanding projects. Our work together has led to state-of-the-art augmented reality development, a smart glass app store and a newly designed website with custom e-commerce.
BC Schools managed with DRUMS
Over 70 schools use D.R.U.M.S, an application to help educators organize course management, student management, attendance and report cards. FNSA use the aggregate information to publish reports for communities.
Incentives claimed through our system
Our custom built web application makes searching for a car easier for everyone involved. The ScrapIt team can manage hundreds of car dealers across BC. BC residents can easily search for available electric vehicles based on location with the online booking portal.
Delegating web and mobile app development is an important choice but one which can increase revenues. We are specialists in dot net development, leaving you time to focus on other aspects of your service.
Our team of developers hand-craft web pages and web apps using the open source dot net framework. This is a Microsoft framework but our work is not limited to a Windows platform. We also offer search engine optimization services for your website content.
We offer a wide range of services, while other Vancouver web design and development companies can only specialise in specific areas.

Clients love our collaborative approach to website design. Each project must align with expectations and requirements. Communication is an important part of our process and part of the reason we maintain long-term client relationships.

Web Development

Quality Over Quantity

We have worked with many clients but are careful not to undertake too many projects at once. While other web development companies take on as many clients as possible, we want to deliver the best results. The best results take time and consideration.

Our approach means our clients receive more hours-per-project than they would elsewhere.


Multi-lingual regional corporate website. Ausenco’s website needed to focus on industry insights and expert input. We focused the site more on the company’s work and people while adding more user friendly elements to the pages.
iAPP is an internal app for BC Ministry of Forests employees to report invasive species through-out the province of BC.
Digitization & automation of service technician work-flow for creation and submission of Work Orders
Canada's leading bank - internal mobile app design (confidential)

Going Mobile?

A website is not always enough to meet your requirements. If a mobile application is more suited to your needs, we develop iOS and Android apps. We work with Swift and Java programming languages to craft apps with the user experience in mind.

App Development


Maxxit Systems

Webilize delivered an end product that was exactly what we envisioned for the Maxxit brand. You did a great job at capturing our vision.

Tonya Vanderhart
Marketing Coordinator


We chose the Webilize team for their great advice on online payment systems and website functionalities. If you want to drive revenues in your business, I would highly recommend Webilize.

Jason Neale


We picked the Webilize team because of their track record and more importantly because we felt they understood our customers and the developer community around our products.

Paul Travers
CEO & Founder

Premiums Plus

Webilize is always up for the task – whenever we send a complex problem their way, they always come up with a solution. For any unique, complex applications we would recommend Webilize.

Brian Tomlinson
President & CEO