How to Generate Leads From Your Website

By Michelle Russell
3 Aug '18

For small to large business owners in the eCommerce world, lead generation is a necessity and key component to making a sale. Lead generation can be defined as the conversion of website visitors to potential customers on an eCommerce business site. As a business owner, having a well designed and coded website, while extremely important, can only get you so far. There are a multitude of steps following the launch of your new website to better your business’s chances of making a sale and creating a long-term loyal customer to your brand.

Here we have listed five valuable ways you can generate more leads from your website:

1. Include your business’s key contact information

Oftentimes users may come across your company’s website but know nothing about its credibility or reliability. A great way to show your business’s legitimacy is to include your key contact information, which users can cycle through and make a judgement call as to whether or not to engage further. This information can be as basic as your brick and mortar location’s address, a phone number, and/or any social media pages your business is actively posting on.

2. Use lead capture forms

You may be asking yourself: what about all your site visitors that don’t make a purchase? How are you able to find out more about your ghost visitors and how can you convert them into a potential customer next time they visit your site?

A great way of capturing the information of your site visitors and potential customers is to use lead capture forms. A lead capture form is an email newsletter sign-up form that allows you to capture visitors' contact info so that you are able to engage with them further. Lead capture forms are also extremely valuable in regards to mapping out your brand’s target audience.

3. Use a Chat Bot

A chat bot allows your customers to talk to and converse with interactive human-like software in the form of messaging. A chat bot is proven to help drive sales and generate leads on e-Commerce websites. This can help an otherwise frustrated or confused potential customer into making a well-informed choice with a positive user experience.

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4. Add visuals to your User Testimonial Pages

Including product or service testimonials from real customers is a great persuasive tool to prove to potential customers that your business’s products are worth investing in. However, the best way to do so is by making visuals the main component of your user testimonial page. This can be done by including photographs of real customers next to their reviews of your business, or better yet videos of customers speaking about your business and your products.

5. Make your site Mobile Friendly

It is important to make your e-Commerce website mobile friendly across multiple devices and platforms. Doing so opens your business’s website up to internet users who do the majority of their browsing on mobile.

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