8 Reasons You Should Outsource Web Development

By Zoe Williamson
29 Apr '19

Your website is a reflection of your business. If your website is behind technology trends, it will have a negative impact on how people view your company. Is your website mobile responsive? In the last quarter of 2018, 47.1% of internet searches originated on a mobile device.

Whether your website is out of date or would benefit from a visual overhaul, your initial reaction may be to hire an in-house development team. However, this is a decision which may prove detrimental over time.

Outsourcing web development is an alternative with several benefits. We have listed the key advantages below.

1. Saves costs

Hiring new staff is an expensive process. As well as the salary costs, you need to consider  staff benefits. Only offering benefits to your pre-existing, long-term staff will reflect badly on your business. You also need to pay staff for all the time they are in your office, even if the work is lacking that day.

Outsourcing eliminates much of the cost. You still need to pay for services but only the hours dedicated to your development project. The company you choose will have its own benefits packages for staff. If the company has some slower days than others, it is not something which you need to worry about as it will not affect you on an hourly agreement.

2. Saves time

Hiring new people is, of course, potentially very expensive but it is also time consuming. A report looking at figures from 2017 found it takes an average of 51 working days to hire an IT services professional in the US and Canada. Finding the right web development team is not immediate but Webilize, for example, is able to start work as soon as the deposit is paid.

It generally takes us 4-8 weeks to start a project once we have been approached. This is under the average 51 days, which would amount to 10 weeks. After hiring an in-house team, there would then need to be further explanation of project goals. When a project is signed with an outsourced team, these goals are already established.

3. Web development is their business and they know it well

If you decide you need to hire a web development team, you also need to know what that entails. You need more than coders for full web design; it’s a team effort involving quality assurance, graphic design, development, copywriting and user experience. If you want a mobile app to accompany your new site, that’s another new team.

When hiring for these people, you need to know how to differentiate who works well and who speaks well. Those with more experience you can be sure are good will expect a higher salary.

4. Outsourcing focuses your business

While web development, and app development if you also commit to it, is a large aspect of business, it is not your focus. Outsourcing means you can dedicate your in-house resources to running the business day to day.

This is not to say you should leave the entire design and development process unchecked. Assign a project manager to liaise with the outsourced company. It is important for you to know how the project is progressing and for the appointed team to know of any changes you wish to make.

5. The outsourced team has already found the best people

While we know finding the best people is time consuming, other people have done it. Companies dedicated to web development know they will be outsourced to. Because they want to attract clients, they need the best people and will put in the effort to get them.

In Webilize’s case, our search was worldwide. We have found the best talent from across the world and brought them to our Vancouver office. As we have one business focus, it is more efficient and effective to have our staff in-house.

6. You have access to a global talent pool

When hiring your own people, you’re limited to those who live nearby or are willing/able to move. Outsourcing removes this barrier. The best team for you may not be in your city or even country.

A world ready for you does not mean there are no other considerations. One of the largest obstacles with seeking work abroad is time zones. Try to limit the time difference to five hours. Communication is key and it will be difficult to maintain if neither party is ever in the office at the same time.

7. You can view portfolios and find the best team for you

Web development companies want you to see their portfolios. They provide high quality services and want everyone to know about it. They are also showing you if they have worked on a similar project to yours and are capable of delivering to your needs.

Take time to read through each company’s web development projects and testimonials. Finding the right company will save you time and money in the long-term.

8. An outsourced team already works well together

When putting your own team together, you are hoping they work well. When selecting a company, there is evidence presented to you that they do produce results. It is not necessarily a concern about arguments in the office but whether they will understand how their colleagues work.

Web development is a collaborative process. If your team does not communicate effectively it will delay your project and potentially cause functionality faults.

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