12 Top Reasons for Redesigning your Website

By Donald Kim
20 Sep '16

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A website redesign is a project that you may need to consider if your website has not been updated in the last 3 to 5 years. Although it may be a timely and costly endeavour, a redesign may be necessary, since your website is perhaps your greatest online marketing asset and source of sales revenues, leads, and prospects. At Webilize (Portfolio and Testimonials) we design and develop Responsive and Mobile Websites.

Below is a list of 12 reasons of why you should consider revamping your current website:

1. Mobile-friendly
Google’s recent updates to its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) criteria includes ensuring that websites are mobile-friendly. Having a website that is viewable on multiple devices such as desktops, smartphones, and laptops, will mean that it has a higher chance of ranking well on the Google Search Engine, and thus giving you more web traffic that could translate into increased sales.

2. Incorporate Social Media Marketing

Your website should include links to your social media channels as well as include social sharing options on your blog posts. Shares and engagement in your content will make you rank higher. In addition, users can connect with you socially via their social networks.

3. Add new functions

It is important from a design perspective that sections of your website such as the blog, forums, e-commerce, flows seamlessly throughout your website. Optimizing the functionalities and efficiencies of your website can also help you save time and costs.

4. Improve User Experience

User Experience is very important and is linked to SEO. If visitors of your website can’t easily find what they are looking for, there is a high chance that they will quickly leave your website and may perhaps never come back. This will affect the bounce rates and the amount of time visitors stay on your website – both are important for SEO strategies.

5. Incorporate rebranding

Rebranding of your business marketing materials shouldn’t just stop at the logo or brochure level. It’s important to have continuity throughout your marketing assets, including your website.

6. Keep your website current

The latest trends and best practices with respect to website design changes quickly with time, and as better web tools and technologies arise, it’s important to keep your website current with the latest and greatest. If the functionalities of your website doesn’t work all that well, traffic and lead generation could take a hit. Be sure to address this issue.

7. It just needs a fresh new design

If you’re thinking that your website is looking a bit old and tired, perhaps your visitors are thinking the same thing!

8. Results-driven

If the objective of your website is to generate leads or sales, and it’s currently not doing that, a re-design may be the answer. Ensure that your website generates traffic data via Google Analytics so that you can tweak your website to convert your visitors to leads and ultimately to customers.

9. Marketing objective change

If your marketing strategies have changed, and the objective of your website have evolved, so should the design of your website. Your marketing plans and strategies should be aligned with your website’s purpose. In addition, your content should be easily searchable on your website.

10. Content strategy

Content writing in Blogs is a great way to generate traffic and improve the SEO of your website. Ensure that your website’s design makes finding content easy, and that search engines can find and index your content.

11. Just doesn’t work anymore

Your website just doesn’t work anymore, as it had not adapted, evolved and weathered through the test of time. Perhaps you’re behind on the best practices in user experience, and navigating through your website is difficult. Are your products and services up to date? Be sure to address these issues.

12. Outdated third-party tools

You’ll need an update if your third-party tools aren’t working anymore, and if your website’s speed is drastically affecting the website load time speed. If your shopping cart widgets or plugins aren’t working properly, you’d definitely need to look into these issues as soon as possible, as it could affect your sales revenues.


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