10 Essential Factors that your E-Commerce Website Should Have

By Donald Kim
17 Oct '16

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Running an E-Commerce online store could be a daunting task. The business owner would typically need to consider such things strategizing ways to increase website traffic, point of sales systems, inventory, accounting, etc. At Webilize (Portfolio and Testimonials) we specialize in building optimized and customized E-Commerce online stores: www.webilize.com

Here is a list of 10 essential factors that you should consider having with your E-Commerce website:

1. Social Media Selling

Social selling is a must in today’s digital marketing strategies. Social media directed purchases make up for approximately 20% of online purchases. Social Media channels enables businesses to connect directly with their customers, get personal, and engage them, which also is important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and helps your website rank higher on search engines. Be sure to read our Blog Post titled “SEO Best Practices Checklist in 2016”.

2. High Quality Images

Since the product picture is the first thing that a potential customer sees, it is important to use high quality images that has been taken with great lighting. It’s also good practice to have an product image zoom functionality on the website, allowing your prospective customers to get a closer look at your products.

3. User Experience for Mobile Shoppers

It’s important to ensure that your E-Commerce website is mobile friendly, optimized, and gives your prospective customers a good mobile experience. Since approximately 75% of shoppers make purchases directly from their mobile devices, you could be losing out on potential sales revenues if you don’t address this.

4. Product Details

Having a good product description is like having a good salesperson. The details will help your potential customers more to compare with other similar products – it’ll give them more of an informed decision.

5. Define your Differentiating Factor

Make it easy for your potential customers to know what your main differentiating factors are from your competitors. Showcasing the advantages of your products will help you beat your competitors and convert your website visitors into buying customers.

6. Latest and Greatest Products

Ensure that your website visitors are able to easily find and view your latest and greatest products, as well as your items that are currently on sale. Customers will typically want to easily find the latest products and best deals, rather than spending hours on end searching through a massive online product catalog.

7. Search Box, Login, and Shopping Cart

Every E-Commerce website should have a search box, enabling your prospective customers to quickly filter and easily find products. Having your customers sign up for an account is another great tip, as it can help personalize the shopping experience. They can receive notifications on new products and discounts. Having a shopping cart that summarizes the visitor’s potential purchases helps them quickly add up total costs, and see which items that they want to purchase now, or have as a wish list for future purchases.

8. Seamless Checkout Process

Having a seamless and easy checkout process is vital in order to ensure that your visitors convert to sales revenues. Having a good process is a fine balance of building trust, having good usability and functionality. To help improve this endeavour, you should clearly detail the shipping methods, have payment security logos so that your customers will feel safe making payments on your website, and have the products a the shopping cart so that your prospective customers can get a quick summary snapshot of their orders.

9. Free Shipping if Possible

There are many factors that your website visitors consider before making a purchase. One thing that is universal, is that the cost and timing of shipment is a very huge factor in their decision. Shoppers are happier if their product arrives quickly with little wait time, as well as if shipping charges are free or close to it anyway. Consider shipping costs as a part of your overall E-Commerce sales strategy.

10. Clear Returns Policy

It’s important to have clear return policies that’s visible on your website. Having this policy will help give your customers a piece of mind that they won’t lose out on their hard earned money if they are disappointed with their shipped product. Be very clear in the language, of whether the returns are for cash, credit, or exchange.

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