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By Donald Kim
28 Mar '17

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Based in downtown Vancouver, Webilize provides expertise in web design and web development, app development, eCommerce development, and software engineering. Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with businesses in a variety of industries:

We are proud to have an all in-house team of programmers, UX/UI Designers, and agile software engineers. From Microsoft .Net development, WordPress, SQL Server & HTML5 as well as native applications for iOS app development, Android app development and Windows app development, the Webilize team has delivered robust and complex solutions. We have built scalable software and automated business processes for ease and efficiency. Our eCommerce development team specializes in Magento development, custom nopCommerce and WordPress WooCommerce.

Our core competitive advantages lie in providing:

  • Value: We go above and beyond to deliver high quality UX design and development services and premium high end solutions.
  • Project Management: We use PM software to ensure that projects are completed on time, budget, and scope.
  • Custom Design & Development: We take pride in providing our clients with unique and custom designs.
  • Technologies: Through extensive and proven programming experience, our software engineers provide top tier innovative solutions.
  • Quality: We have a dedicated QA team to ensure that projects are rigorously tested before going live.
  • Security: Web and data security are always of high priority when we build systems for our clients.
  • Customer Success Support: Our WebilizeCare services provide our clients with an extra level of support to ensure that their online businesses are fully operational at all times.




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“We picked the Webilize team because of their track record, and more importantly we felt that they understood our customers and the development community around our products. The mandate was to deliver on a world class website that catered to our customers, and they did a great job of showing our products, supporting our app store, and supporting our product store. It’s great to have one integrated website that meets the development community and the customer’s needs. As the CEO, I am very happy with our new website."

-  Paul Travers

-  President & CEO - VUZIX

“I’m always impressed with the Webilize support that they provide for urgent requests, new features, and the quality of the overall platform that they developed for us. I really enjoyed brainstorming with the team, and the value, knowledge, and experience that they bring to the table. In my day to day, I work with a lot of vendors and the Webilize team has always stood out. I’m always happy to recommend them to new colleagues.”

-  Brian Degus

-  IT Manager - VUZIX


Premiums Plus

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“What we needed was a web based environment where the customer can design, create their own artwork, and email it to their customers using their own logo. The new custom website reduced the amount of searching for a product through the site with the exact products and sizes that our customers were looking for. We also needed a Canadian and US site to run seamlessly. Webilize is always up for the task – whenever we send a complex problem their way, they always come up with a solution that meets our needs. For any unique, complex applications we would recommend Webilize.”

-  Brian Tomlinson

-  Owner - Premiums Plus



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“We chose Webilize based on their track record, level of detail in their proposal, and their team, which clearly stood out from their competitors. I even had them vetted by some software experts. I enjoyed working with the design and development team, brainstorming ideas and concepts. I found that my vision was well captured. With Webilize we built a modern platform, with great customer user experience, and powerful backend which helps us run the business smoothly. We continually receive great feedback about the quality of our platform. My experience with Webilize is very positive.”

-  Peter-Paul Van Hoeken
-  President & CEO - VUZIX


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