Does your E-Commerce Website Need Updating?

By Michelle Russell
29 Aug '17


If your website is 5 to 10 years old, you are in due of a new design update. In today’s economy, having a website for your business--no matter its scale--is no longer limited to only the tech industry. E-commerce is the future of sales and brings the opportunity of reaching a larger audience to all businesses who take advantage of it. The design and usability of your website tells all consumers what your business is and serves as their first impression of the type of products and/or services your business is selling. If your website is outdated, distracting, and difficult to use, it will likely deter visitors from making a purchase.


User Experience or UX should be one of your main priorities for your website next to content. Investing in a website redesign and update is in turn investing in your business’s future. Be sure to do so wisely by employing a highly-experienced and capable UX/UI team to help bring your vision to life.


Is your website working for your business?

Businesses create websites with the goal of increasing overall revenue. If your website is more of a burden rather than a source of income, you should take a step back and analyze what it is you believe the problem to be. E-Commerce sites are meant to open up your business to a greater marketplace with more potential sales.     


Are your customers happy?

    Your e-commerce site is the first impression your potential customers will get of your business. If your website is not easily navigated and/or used this is a major problem.

If you answered no, to one or both of these questions, your website is overdue for a re-design and redevelopment. If you’re still not certain, take a look below at some common issues that indicate your ecommerce site likely needs to be updated.

Your Website Isn’t Responsive

    Today, users are accessing the Internet from a variety of web browsers and devices. It is important to ensure that your website is responsive and providing the same high user experience across all web platforms. Having a consistent website across all web browsers instills brand consistency and reinforces brand reliability.


Your SEO is Declining

    If your website is continually ranking lower and lower in search engine results pages it could be because of your website’s overall design. Google score’s web page results based on the website’s usefulness and usability to site visitors. If your website is difficult to navigate and the content is outdated this will negatively affect and lower your Google search ranking.  


Your Bounce Rate is High

Bounce rate is a measure of the amount of site visitors who ‘bounced’ off of a single page--here likely being your website’s home page. This means that based off of your landing page alone, user’s were not able to find information relevant to their initial search inquiry. Your landing page should have the most important and relevant information for customers central so that they are easily able to navigate to their desired products/services.


Your Content is Outdated

    If the information and content on your website is outdated or even incorrect this can lead site visitors completely astray. Additionally, if your content is outdated this can send the message to your potential customers that you simply do not care enough to update your website with new and fresh content.

Your Design is Outdated

    Site visitors can tell within the first minute of visiting your landing page whether your site design is outdated or not. For many consumers, this may be a dealbreaker in their willingness to conduct a purchase from your business’s website. Ensure that your website’s design reflects and represents your business well.

Your Website is not Mobile Friendly

    Approximately 53% of Internet users today are browsing solely from mobile devices. It is important to ensure that your website is mobile friendly and compatible across a variety of devices and systems.  

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