The Best Way to Showcase Products on an Ecommerce Website

By Michelle Russell
14 Sep '17

The success of an ecommerce website lies in its ability to persuade customers to make a purchase, and to repurchase again down the line. This persuasion is directly correlated with the ways in which ecommerce websites showcase the products on their websites. If your website is poorly designed, confusing and/or difficult to use, this will deter customers from carrying out a purchase. Here are 6 ways you can best showcase the products on your ecommerce site for eventual success:

Have high quality photos that best feature your products

    Having high quality photographs of your products from all relevant angles is an ecommerce necessity. Consumers love visuals of what it is they are purchasing so be sure that the images are accurate and appropriate representations of your products. A 600px photo height is a great place to start when tailoring product photos to your website.

Have clear, relevant, and succinct product descriptions

    When it comes to product descriptions, less is always more. Customers are undoubtedly less inclined to read long and overly detailed production information excerpts. Instead, opt to include bullet points of the most relevant information that the customer needs to know prior to making a purchase.

Showcase your website’s security by having your SSL certificate on display for customers

    SSL certificates are a key component to the security process that your ecommerce site needs. These certificates are used to secure transactions by encrypting all website activity to prevent any data theft or attacks. Overall, SSL certificates make your website more appealing to potential customers to carry out a transaction.

Showcase any business credentials you may have to add to your professional look and instill trust

    If you have any special business credentials relevant to your ecommerce website, be sure to clearly display them. These credentials or badges all add to your website's overall credibility and increases the chance of a potential customer completing a transaction.

Have your 1-800 number (if applicable) clearly displayed for easy access for customers

    If your ecommerce site has a 1-800 number for customers to call for any inquiries or general questions regarding your products or business, make sure to have it clearly displayed. Easy accessibility to this information instills confidence and trustworthiness.

 Consider using chatbots on your ecommerce site to help customers with any questions or inquiries that may come up

    Chatbots are automated programs built with artificial intelligence created to simulate conversations, answer questions and general inquiries about your business. Chatbots are a great option to have in place of a 1-800 number as they have the ability to take your customer service to the next level with AI.

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