The Difference Between Websites and Web Applications

By Michelle Russell
25 Sep '17

Depending on who you ask, websites and web applications can each be defined in a multitude of ways. While this variation can at times be confusing, the difference between the two comes down to two very simple concepts:

A website is defined by its informational content.

A web application is defined by its interaction with the user.

In essence, a website is an informational http:// or https:// website with static content that is displayed to all visitors. It does not require updating regularly, or if it does, only subpages of the website would be updated (for example a blog section of a company’s website). We can even go as far as to suggest that websites and their web designs have become commoditized with the rise in DIY website builders, and the high level of website themes available. Nowadays, anyone can create a static website with the click of a button.

Branching off from this concept, a web application is defined by its interactive content that requires user input and data processing. Web applications build on the bare bones of a website by specializing around the services aiming to be provided by its creators. Great examples of web applications are social networking sites such as Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. Unsurprisingly web applications take a great level of skill and engineering on behalf of the web developers creating it.

However, it should be noted that these two are not mutually exclusive. This is especially true in the present day where technological advancements are being made day in and day out. With technology’s progression, the clash between websites and web applications is increasing continually.

More often than not, entrepreneurs and business owners alike are looking to create a hybrid between these two in the creation of their website and/or web application. For example, the addition of a custom ecommerce checkout system where customers can purchase and/or inquire for goods. Or even an account creation option so that your previous customers can easily retrieve their personal information for ease of purchase. Incorporating web applications into a static website is the best possible way to keep visitors interested, and engaged.

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