How to Create a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

By Michelle Russell
20 Oct '17

The world of ECommerce and social media is growing more and more every single day. Consumers are being constantly flooded with information and offers coming at them from every single angle. This of course leaves plenty of room for your email campaign to get lost in translation, or worse, not even opened.

It is now more important than ever to prioritize having a successful and targeted email marketing campaign for your ECommerce website. To help ensure that your campaign stands out amongst the rest, we have laid out five necessary components in order to achieve campaign success.

Define an objective beyond CTOR (click to open rates)

    Prior to creating the email campaign for your eCommerce website you should have the objectives of what you wish recipients to do with the information received clearly laid out. In other words, define your call-to-action exactly. The objective and goal of your email campaign should always go beyond CTOR.

Have a clear and to the point subject line

    An attention grabbing subject line plays a crucial role in getting your audience to open and engage with your company’s email campaigns. In other words, your subject line should be a succinct blurb telling your audience why they should open your email. What do they gain by clicking on it?

Measure success (CTOR to OR)

    If it is one of your first times creating a email marketing campaign for your business we suggest taking the time to test what works and what doesn’t for a select group of your audience. Measuring and comparing the data collected (i.e. when your CTOR is above your OR) is a great way of determining what is successful for you.

Know your audience (demographics, location, interests, etc.)

    The content of your email should always be tailored to your audience. Prior to writing your copy, carefully brainstorm and think through the language that would best benefit you and your audience.

Focus on email marketing design

    Finally, ensure that your email is pleasing to look at. Include images, graphics, and test out different fonts and font sizes that will help draw the attention of your audience. A great design shows your recipients that a significant amount of effort and thought went into both the copy and visual.


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