5 Signs Your Wordpress Website Has Been Hacked

By Michelle Russell
21 Nov '17

Wordpress is one of the top free, open-source content management systems (CMS) available today. It is a favourite due to its ease of use, customizability, and level of security it provides for its users. However, this is not to say that Wordpress websites are not susceptible to harmful attacks. In fact, nearly 150,000 attacks are executed on Wordpress hosted websites every minute. It is important to always be on top of your Wordpress security by having a strong and reliable theme as well as reputable plug-ins that all add to your overall security rather than taking away from it. A great way of maintaining your Wordpress security is by having a professional check and monitor your website every month for any security problems.

If you are suspecting that your Wordpress site has been hacked, here are five of the biggest indicators to look for before taking the appropriate steps to reclaim your site from hackers:

You are unable to log in to Wordpress

Be sure to first make sure that you are typing your login credentials and password correctly. If your credentials are inputted correctly and you still cannot login to your Wordpress account, there is a potential chance that hackers may have deleted your admin account from Wordpress.

Your website is unusually slow and unresponsive

If your website is unusually slow and unresponsive it may be a possibility that your website is on the receiving end of a random denial-of-service attack. This involves hackers using multiple servers and computers with false IPs to overwhelm your server with fake requests that your server can not properly handle. This brings the potential to make your Wordpress site slow or unresponsive. However, be sure to differentiate between a slow website and an infected one. If your Wordpress site’s loading speed is slow, be sure to check out our blog post on How To Improve Your Website’s Loading Speed.

You cannot read or receive Wordpress emails

Hacked servers and websites are most commonly used to send emails for spam purposes. When used in this way, huge delays are created for your subsequent Wordpress email account. The delay created overwhelms your Wordpress email account thus making it unresponsive overall.

Google marks your Wordpress site as unsafe

Google’s safe browsing tool monitors and warns visitors against visiting any web pages deemed as ‘infected.’ To help users avoid infecting their systems with malicious software that has the potential to steal information and harm systems, a warning page appears and stops visitors from proceeding further.

Sudden and extreme drop in web traffic

If your Google Analytics reports points to a sudden and extreme drop in web traffic overall there may be a possibility that your Wordpress has been hijacked. Plenty of malware and trojans used by hackers can redirect all of your website’s traffic to other spam-based websites. Secondly, if your website has been marked as ‘unsafe’ by Google’s safe browsing tool, visitors will avoid accessing your site entirely due to the threat of security that it poses.     



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