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Mobile applications are a thriving market. They offer more convenience than a website and a more tailored user experience. As a web and mobile app development company it is our job to match current trends. Mobile apps fulfil a consumer requirement which websites cannot. We are not all sat in front of computers, some of us work on the move.

Android app development to your specifications

Native apps built for world's most popular mobile operating system

With a potential reach of millions, expert android application development is crucial. We have client testimonials for our work as android developers which can be found here.

Our developers use their knowledge of the Java programming language to create tailor-made apps with a user-friendly interface. We know how important it is that you have an app users can trust and can process large volumes of information.

One of our industry specific apps for Android is Follow-App. This app offers convenience and data management for dentists and dental assistants. Users can easily connect with patients and schedule follow-up appointments. All relevant information in one place helps dental practices to run more smoothly.

Other Android apps we have created can be found on the Google play store and client sites. Our work is state-of-the-art and customer satisfaction is high.

iOS app development to your specifications

Mobile app development is not one size fits all. iOS and Android require different skills and programming.

iPhones are highly sought after handheld devices and Apple has a significant market share. If you only produce an app for Android you are potentially cutting out a large customer base. iPhone and iPad users expect an app as sleek and seamless as their device.

Our developers have extensive coding experience and in-depth knowledge of the Swift programming language. But coders are not the whole story. Our team includes UI developers and UX developers who consider apps as if they were using it themselves.

Our team works together to build apps with a focus on functionality, data management and the user interface. Each app is different, built for your needs and those of the people using it. iOS and Android users have different expectations from their devices and we consider this.

Not all of our developed apps are for general release. iApp was created for the British Columbia Ministry and Forests team. They wanted an iPad app to aid internal communication. A key feature of the app is its functionality offline. Users are often in remote areas of the province but still need to access and log information.

Other examples of iPhone app development can be found here. You can also find our work on the App Store or client sites.

Wearable Tech

Wearable technology is one of the fastest growing industries.

Wearable technology is a booming business. By the year 2020 it is estimated to have a market value of $34 billion.

Smart watches are the most popular form of wearable technology but smart glasses are an emerging competitor. Smart glasses have the advantage or providing an AR experience and not detaching the user from the real world.

At Webilize, we are future-focused. We already have vital experience working in this expanding industry. Working with AR is difficult and not as common as creating web or mobile apps. It is this dedication to developing as a company which helps us maintain strong client relationships.

Contact us to discuss how AR can be used to benefit your business.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) has endless business potential.

Augmented reality (AR) is a process of layering information onto reality. It is different to virtual reality (VR), which uses 3D imaging and changing the user’s entire field of view. Both are immersive but AR allows the user to stay in control in the offline world.

AR allows us to interact in the offline world with our digital world in front of our eyes. It is a less intrusive technology being adapted into working and educational environments.

This is not a brand new technology, as AR apps already exist for smartphone cameras. However, an extra level of immersion is added when AR technologies are used beyond handheld devices. Wearable technology is improving and its uses are becoming more apparent.


App for dentists providing automation for treatment reminders. Integrated with a leading CRM
iAPP is an internal app for BC Ministry of Forests employees to report invasive species through-out the province of BC.
Digitization & automation of service technician work-flow for creation and submission of Work Orders
Canada's leading bank - internal mobile app design (confidential)


Vuzix is a high-level client who specialize in wearable tech. We have worked with them extensively on several developments: website, mobile app and AR technology.

The Vuzix website has primarily been optimized for usability, custom eCommerce and content management. However, what sets this project apart is the app and AR aspects. The difficulty of working with augmented reality makes it off-putting to developers. Our dedication to adapting with new technology is why our clients love working with us.

We have worked extensively on adding features to Vuzix smart glasses. After months of hard work, the joint venture has resulted in the creation of augmented reality museum exhibits. Projects such as these have the long-term potential to bring education and experiences to everyone.

The glasses use a head up display to show information from the online world into the user’s real life. Wi fi and bluetooth connect the glasses to the companion smart phone app. Combining a smartphone app with wearable technology is the easiest way to merge online and offline worlds.

Vuzix is a valued client and their current focus is on smart glasses technology for the workplace. Our work together continues to produce great results. You can find more information about our partnership here.

Creating an effective iOS or Android app requires a different level of expertise to web development. We have a diverse range of skills to deliver the product you need, with proven experience in mobile application development. Our previous projects have had international scope.
We maintain communication throughout our projects. A collaborative approach produces the best results. As with building web applications, Android or iOS development needs to be responsive.
We are highly trusted and have worked on public and private sector projects. Prior to launch, we test your apps for bugs and maintain them once on the market.

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