Web development with a client focus

We are experts in web application development. Our experience has led to working across various sectors. From mining consulting to school systems, we can create a web app to give you that competitive edge in your sector.

Custom Web Application Development

We are experts in custom web application and can build an custom application for your business to give it a competitive edge in the market.

The user experience is a constant consideration during the application development process. We build an understanding of users when working with you. User Interface (UI) development is at the core of our work. Our products are designed to appeal to both targeted and general audiences. Our applications also perform highly and our team supports several critical web applications as an extension of our client teams.

Our team has excellent expertise in following highlight areas of custome web development:

  • Cloud infrastructure (Azure and AWS)
  • Software as a Service Architecture
  • Scalable architecture
  • Database Design
  • System integration
  • API development and usage
  • System Security

Content management systems which work for everyone

Organise information in a way that works for you and your customers.

A high quality content management system (CMS) is essential for web applications handling their own or user-submitted content.

If you have multiple users, you do not want to manage everything manually. You need something which works with you and for you. CMS solutions may involve eCommerce, Software as a Service or even blog posts.

CMS is vital for many companies. We work with you to create a solution tailored to your needs. Our web based CMS platforms feature simple user interfaces which store content effectively and safely.

Enjoy more freedom with your web or mobile application. Publish and manage content as you desire with minimal fuss.

Custom eCommerce tailor made for you.

eCommerce solutions to enhance the customer experience. Whatever your business, you need your clients to feel their information is safe.

Each eCommerce business is different and so are their requirements. We don’t provide a pre-built solution. Our work is designed around you.

With consumers turning away from traditional high streets, custom eCommerce platforms need to be safe and secure. As the customer base grows, they also need to be capable of handling more traffic and data. Custom design allows you to cater towards a target demographic and cater to extra custom.

We work with you through design development to improve the shopping experience. With our expertise, your eCommerce platform will have an easy to use checkout process and accessibility.

Security is a priority for eCommerce. We have systems which will keep customer information secure. Our continued maintenance gives you peace of mind. If there are issues to resolve we will treat them as high priority.

Customer satisfaction has immediate and long-term benefits. Satisfied customers are more likely to return and recommend your site to others. If you trade with other businesses, this gives you more credibility within your industry.

Custom eCommerce solutions are an essential part of web development for any client with something to sell. Contact us to discuss how we can cater to your needs and build the custom eCommerce website you need.

Examples of our previous custom built eCommerce sites can be found here.

Subscription systems for you and your customers

Manage subscriptions for optimal customer service and efficient web management.

No two companies have the same subscribers so they don’t need the same subscription systems. A tailor-made system which targets your customers increases the chances of recurring business. They are an effective way of sending information about products or services, sending invoices and updating on business operations.

Our systems are built with you and your customers in mind. Whether you update weekly or monthly, we can work to your prospective schedule.

We can work towards solutions for payment, such as billing solutions, pricing models and credit card payments.


Multi-lingual regional corporate website. Ausenco’s website needed to focus on industry insights and expert input. We focused the site more on the company’s work and people while adding more user friendly elements to the pages.
iAPP is an internal app for BC Ministry of Forests employees to report invasive species through-out the province of BC.
Digitization & automation of service technician work-flow for creation and submission of Work Orders
Canada's leading bank - internal mobile app design (confidential)
Don’t let your web app fall behind the standard. Technology changes every day but we can help you get a head start. Do you have a fully responsive design? Are you prepared for the next major trend? Our market experiences may prove invaluable for you.
We work through each web page, considering website design, end user experience, front end and backend development and search engine optimization.
Our full-time development team gets to know you and your project goals. Working collaboratively brings results everyone can be proud of. We provide a variety of web services to cater to your specific needs.

Do you have a project you need help with? Contact us to discuss your ideas, pricing, and how our work can benefit your business.

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