• User-friendly Google-like functionality on search bar
  • Auto-complete within +/- one inch for inventory search
  • Fluid, mobile-ready design that fits across screens for optimal usability
  • Bright, future-forward website layout and branding
  • Search engine optimized content for higher site traffic and visibility
  • Streamlined functionality for convenient online orders direct to customers
  • Conversion tracking and Google Analytics

A robust website redesign and streamlined inventory search system boosts PRM’s online sales

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Pacific Radiator Manufacturing (PRM) is a leading radiator manufacturer with over twenty years of experience fabricating, designing, and delivering an extensive range of truck and heavy-duty off-road solutions to an ever-growing customer base around the world. Noor Kanbari, Vice President Plant Manager at PRM, contracted Webilize to develop a highly functional promotional and e-commerce website that not only makes it easier for PRM customers to make purchases online, but also improves PRM’s search engine rankings and enhances the overall look and feel of the brand’s flagship web presence across mobile and desktop screens. 

Webilize developed an enterprise level inventory search system that delivers several enhanced features, including auto-complete for keywords within +/- of one inch and Google-like search functionality. The system was built in correspondence with user-friendly backend and frontend systems for seamless, intuitive e-commerce experiences. Additionally, Webilize redesigned the PRM website to enhance its aesthetic appeal, drive higher search results, and adapt flawlessly to mobile usage. Now, PRM customers can quickly and easily find and purchase products on the PRM website, which can be accessed anywhere from smartphones to desktop computers. The professional, modern aesthetic and fresh textual content on the redesigned PRM website has contributed to an increase in web traffic and online sales. Customers love the convenience of completing orders online within just a few simple steps.