iOS Application for Cloud based and effective Purchase Management Software


Procurify provides streamlined purchase order systems; and its team is driven by its core values of dedication to its client success, constant improvement of services and environmental sustainability. The Procurify is a cloud based, easy to use purchasing management software that can seamlessly integrate with other software systems. The Procurify advantage helps in safe and secure budget and purchasing management, fraud prevention, paperless savings and training. Procurify is based in Vancouver, Canada and also in California, USA.

The Webilize team was approached by the Procurify team for building an iOS application for its software. The Webilize engineers designed and developed the application with utmost finesse ensuring a perfect User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) for its customers. They worked closely with Procurify Engineers and used their API to build the app. The Webilize team implemented multi-step processes for image submission and worked with multi-level JSON API technology. It was important for our designers to use best practices in UX/UI design to ensure that Procurify’s target market users understood how to navigate through the iOS app. The QA team put the finished app through rigorous testing to ensure that it functions well on all iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad.