• Talk and Listen


    As part of the process our experts outline a strategy to understand the proposed projects of our clients, analyze the requirements and assess the viability of the project.

  • Flow Chart

    Project Requirements

    Then, we strategize, taking into consideration the aims and objectives of the project, the functions and the appearance; and the deadlines. Our team of experts then produce a ‘creative brief’ as a framework for key deliverables.

  • Database

    UX Wireframes

    We make a visual layout of the project through a Low-Fidelity phase involving sketches, wireframes in visio and HTML prototypes.

  • UI/UX Design

    UI / UX Design

    We perceive the User Interface (UI) as a potent tool which is vital for ensuring perfect User Experience(UX). Hence, at this stage, we focus on the elements of interaction and reciprocity between the User and the application; the physical and technical aspects involved in the UI and work towards most satisfactory user experience. For, we believe that the UX is the ‘nucleus of the brand’ and the basis for success of the project.

  • Development


    After the design, the application is put through the development phase. Our development processes are discreet and evolved out of deliberate planning. Our engineers chose the most appropriate process out of our four standard models of development; corresponding to the design and objectives of the project, and implement accordingly.

  • Daily Update


    Then the testing of the software is done. It is an integral and important part of our process which ensures that defects are recognized and resolved on a linear pattern.

  • Weekly Report


    Our team of engineers are systematic and meticulous in their approach. They adopt effective project reporting tools like Gnatt Charts and Custom reports for weekly updates to our clients.

  • Quality Assure

    Client Approval

    We believe in establishing a constructive bond with our clients and encourage their participation in the process to give exact shapes to their ideas and transform them to reality. We succinctly appraise the client with our results and seek client approval before deployment.

  • Client Approval


    Once the application code is approved, the project is set for release or distributed into the production environment. Pre deployment care is taken to ensure the release in a perfect and polished form.

  • Ready Launch


    Post launch, a proper hand-off to client is assured. We provide documentation and source files to the client and offer extended support. Maintenance and enhancement of the software is also taken up to deal with new requirements and inconsistencies(if any) in the system.