Crypto Currencies: Bitcoin Applications


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Bitcoin is an open source, software based payment system that has tremendous potential to transform the way the transactions occur across the online trading and marketing arena. It is a viable alternative to the fiat currency system. Bitcoin as a form of cryptocurrency payment for products and services has recorded impressive growth ever since its initiation in 2009. With the market capitalization exceeding US $ 8 billion, the online market is braced to exploit the use of bitcoin technology.

The Bitcoin system is operated on a peer to peer transaction system with no central repository. All the financial transactions are recorded in a public ‘block chain’ ledger as ‘Bits’ ; and the process of maintaining the block chain is named ’mining’.

At Webilize we stay ahead with competitive edge in specialized technology and use of efficient hardware to design ‘application specific integrated circuits’ to achieve integration of Bitcoin into your products. We handle the digital wallets to store the digital credentials for the Bitcoin holdings of respective clients. We also offer mining and investing services through the maintenance of block chain.

Our specialists are experienced in using the code of Bitcoin-Qt and Bitcoin Core Wallet program that facilitate purchases and payments.